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Piedmont Post – America’s Top Pinot Noir

Piedmont Post – America’s Top Pinot Noir
August 23, 2016 Nicole VandenPlas
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The Piedmont Post selected the 2014 Spell Pinot Noir Weir Vineyard Pinot Noir to include among his picks for America’s Top Pinot Noirs in July 2016.

Here is an excerpt from Pierre du Mont’s article along with the tasting notes on the 2014 Spell Weir Vineyard Pinot Noir.  As I wrote about just last week, this vineyard is super special and the wines that are coming off this vineyard’s fruit are getting better every year.

“One of my favorite wine tastings of the year is the annual Pinot Days fete. Steve Rigisich puts on in four cities around the U.S. what are the ultimate tasting experiences for lovers of Pinot Noir. Luckily one of the cities is San Francisco and I was able to attend and experience the widest array of Pinot Noirs in my life. If you pay any attention to the world of wine you will know that Pinot Noir is the current hot wine varietal. Millions of wine lovers who had traditionally purchased Cabernet or Zinfandel are discovering the wonderful nuances of this delicate thin-skinned grape. It is notoriously difficult to grow (in fact one book about Pinot is called “The Heartbreak Grape”) and must be planted in a fairly cool growing region to show its best. The Pinot Days tasting brought together hundreds of rabid Pinotphiles in search of the perfect Pinot. The following wines were selected out of the entire field of hundreds of wines presented and represent America’s greatest Pinot Noirs – the cream of the crop. They are definitely worth searching out.

This is the second wine in this article from the Weir Vineyard in Yorkville Highlands – a spot to keep your eye on. A gorgeous expression of pure ripe fruit, this is fresh, lively and juicy, featuring an elegantly distributed mix of ripe blackberry and raspberry flavors. Full bodied, deep and persistent, without being heavy. Should last for a decade.”